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Savanah Lao Agriculture Background

The name SavanahLao meaning “field of heaven in Laos”, reflects on the richness of minerals, abundance of rivers which flow through the land.
In the present day with the increasing of world population.

The need of food supply is increasing day by day and with natural disasters occurring around the world, food security needs to be addressed. In this regard, Lao PDR will become food supplier for Asia and the world.

View and Objective


“With commitment, creativity and the development of sustainable agriculture” for Laos to be part of food supply chain to sufficiently supply needs with other ASEAN countries.


Planting a million dwarf coconut trees for food industry and encourage exporting 100 bulk containers of coconut per month.

Project Background

of Planting Coconut

Creating sustainable economy is “ produce to consume and maximize profit ” Creating job to generate income for living within 6 month.

Produce food to supply market. Fresh plant for sustainable project. Decreasing cost and increasing daily income, seasonal selling of animal and plant products which will generate income for household in the end.

From such potential, it can be a great opportunity to produce coconut for exporting and generate income for local farmers. The project goals are to plant a million coconut trees within 5 years and promote aromatic coconut to be product that can export 100 bulk containers per month within 8 years.

Basic Principle Cultivation

With one- hectare land, we can plant 700 dwarf coconut trees, and 700 other kinds of trees such as rambutan, durian, long an, avocado. In addition, it can be used to cultivate 3000 different kinds of vines such as melon, pumpkin, watermelon and even plant pea, sweet potatoes and etc.

The land can also produce approximately 300 kg of plant high-valued crop such as ginger, galangal, lemon grass and other seasonal plants and 300 banana trees. Perennial trees such as rosewood, redwood, teak, oak, paddy around 150 trees can be planted as well. It may be a good site for planting all season garden plants and seasonal plants such bamboo etc.


Investment of household business and the investment of agribusiness from small scale to large scale.

Small scale investment can be organized as an agricultural cooperative to promote production for domestic consumption and export.

Water and land management for farming and irrigation, and aquaponics system can be used to water plants as well.

Creating product standard

Creating product standard according to principle and international standard of agricultural product export.

Exporting coconut and processing into ready-to-eat food for domestic consumption and for export.

Making product from coconut for exporting industry.

For example, production of food processing by processing products for domestic sale and export will be organized together in the community, city and industrial areas in each level especially, the aromatic coconut and milk coconut which is for cooking and making desserts. Coconut milk can be processed into dried coconut pulp. Bio-fertilization of coconut shell and others kinds of products.

Crafting furniture from coconut lumber, making hand-fan with coconut leaves which is widely known in many countries.

Creating Jobs

Promoting agricultural production into food industry is a broad and in-depth development, that is, with national-scale development planning in economics and society in field of education and training in vocational skills, agriculture, industry, trading and technology

Results From initiatives in agriculture to industry

1. It will be the most sustainable development that will lead to the creation of jobs, generate sustainable income from the development of this Agri-industrial economic development plan.

2. Innovation in the field of people, which is called "well-living life" is a natural part of human life, but the development of education to educate the people and create learning centers that will create new opportunities for people to share their knowledge and skills.

3. Distribution of domestic and export goods

4. Reducing the rate of workforce relocation is the key to finding a job abroad, the risk to life.

5. It will create stability, create patriotic values, love of the homeland. For family, society, and good health, having children, increase population and so on.


Raising awareness among investors and people

In the beginning, the focus will be on planting coconut trees for industrial agriculture in figure of 10,000 trees in span of the 2020 and will scale the cultivation into 30,000 trees in 2021 and within the third year another 20,000 trees equal to 50,000 trees in total.

In the beginning of 2021–2022 will be for marketing to seek opportunities to sell and increase production the cultivation triple and in the fourth year will be for planting total of 150,000 trees and in the fifth and sixth year.

Exporting with Standard

Standard is key factor of healthy food industry.

In principle of international standard, coconut must be overseen by expert and in method of standard without fault or unhealthy method.

Food must be organic or with no harmful chemical additives in plant and fruit in the project.

Training and understanding for business contractor

The investor will oversee the views, understanding of standards of exporting organic food and plants in international market and will treat with knowledge and understanding important factors in the project.

Additionally, will be treated as exporter which has responsibility in standard of product and method of cultivation on principle of international and recognizes patents in the ASEAN-AFA region, both South Asia and the Euro-US group, and strictly in compliance with production and distribution procedures, avoiding penalties in the process.

The Investment

The investment costs that will inspire and the desire to participate in the project should be clear before the investment, that is, from the beginning of the investment to the harvest of product, trading contract, exports, payments, as well as tax obligations.

Cost-effective and Profitable Investment

Within 3 and a half years, the products can be sold.

An aromatic coconut tree can produce 180-200 coconut per year, we could start with 100 trees which will yield 18,000 coconuts per year. Generally, there will be wholesaler-customer buying upfront at farm at the price of 4,000 kip per coconut which is equivalent to 72 million kips of revenue per year. Other than that, it can create jobs for people and community such as processing coconuts for exporting, producing crafting product from coconut trees, making furniture, etc.

As aromatic coconuts are needed by the world market, whose exporting price is around 0.35 US dollar per coconut which is 3,220 kips with monthly supply would be 25,000 coconut or 1 bulk container of coconut which translate as 8,500 US dollars of income per month. The goal of project is to export 100 container per month; the income of exporting will be 875,000 US dollars per month.

Become a part of Lao P.D.R. history

With first movers advantage, your coconuts planted now will bear fruit in 3 years. Right before anyone else!


Creating a Sustainable Economy for Lao PDR


Creating sustainable economy is “ produce to consume and maximize profit


Creating job to generate income for living within 6 month.

Locally produced

Produce food to supply market. Fresh plant for sustainable project.

Better Living

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